Sunwell TBC Gold for Sale – General info

With the release of burning crusade in WoW, Jewel crafting has become a new means of making WoW gold. Jewel crafting is a new profession to the world of WoW.
If you are interested in imbibing the tactics of a jewel crafter you can definitely make WoW gold by the following ways…
1. By crafting precious jewels
2. By cutting gems which are in great demand in the AH.
Pre Requisites for Becoming a Jewel crafter:
Buy a jeweler’s kit from a jewel crafting kit supplier for 8 silver.
Be aware of residential locations of the trainers.
Join and serve as an apprentice to a journeyman tutor to become a jewel crafter.
The Art of Jewel Crafting:
After your service as an apprentice to a trainer, you would be able to see the apprentice icon in your spell book. Start making items in your catalogue using the resources your have. This would increase your skill level in the profession. Once you attain the maximum skill level in jewel crafting, you become an adept in the profession.
Crafting precious jewels to make WoW gold.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Sunwell TBC Gold for Sale.
As a jewel crafter, you would now be able to make rings, statuettes and amulets. You can sell this to your peers for WoW gold. When you design jewels, you would require gemstones. You can get the gems either by mining or by prospecting the mined ores in your account. Your trainer will teach you the art of prospecting at level 20.
Cutting gems and selling them to make WoW gold
You can also cut gems and insert them into armors with sockets. Understand that you need not be a jewel crafter to place the gems into the slots of the armors. Once the gem is placed in the socket, you would not be able to get it back. You can place another gem stone into the same a lot of the armor. Once you do this, the power of the old gemstone in the armor vanishes. As a jewel crafter, you can also sell the gems that you have cut to other players around and make WoW gold.